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Sail in Turkey has always offered Bespoke Sail Training Courses.  Designed for those that would prefer to learn to sail on a one to one basis with a qualified Skipper.  You will be  on board a yacht which suits your needs with regards to size, accommodation, duration along with the right amount of practical and theory tuition you require. Many Companies offer sail training courses where the charter is sold by the berth.   This means that you maybe sharing a cabin with people you  have not met before.  The training will be specific and by group rather than on a one to one basis.



With Sail in Turkey you have the flexibility to determine your exact needs. Let us know what your expectations and requirements are and we will put a package together accordingly. For example you may wish to have an exclusive Sail Training package where it is just you sailing the yacht with a Skipper who will give you 100% of his time during your charter.  Perhaps one or two of your friends or family will join you.



These courses have been so popular that we have become a partner school with IYT and can now offer Internationally recognised IYT training & qualifications starting with the Basic International Crew qualification for which no previous experience is required leading up to International Bareboat Skipper Certification.  The IYT recreational syllabus is a modular system which offers a very flexible approach.



International Crew Certificate

This course is designed for the novice, with possibly no previous or limited sailing experience, minimum age requirement 14 years.  It is a fun 6 day ‘hands on’ practical course based on six modules, see outline below.  Successful completion of this course will lead to International Crew Certificate.  You will be a useful pair of hands aboard any small sailing vessel.

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International Bareboat Skipper Certificate

One week on board course, with practical assessment and examination will bring you to a level of competence required when chartering a yacht. Minimum  age requirement 18 years. Candidates are required to have logged a total of 200nm & completed 10 days at sea.  Successful completion of all modules will lead to obtaining the IYT Worldwide Bareboat Skippers Certificate.

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International Certificate Competency

ICC is a certified level of competency required when operating a pleasure craft in most European Coastal or Inland waterways

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What you can expect on our International Crew Certificate Course.


This course at sea will consolidate the basic skills in deck work. You will learn from first principles how to handle a yacht under power and sail.  This will include manoeuvers at sea and in harbour, berthing, anchoring & man overboard recovery. You will learn real practical navigational & pilotage skills which work at sea. You will learn about weather, tides, rules of the road and how to plan and execute a simple passage. Most of all we will help you to develop confidence in taking charge of a yacht. Each day will involve a mixture of short passages from port to port and intensive exercises. You will be in harbour or anchorage every night but you should also get a few hours experience of night sailing.


Areas Covered include

Preparation for Sea – engine checks, sail selection, provisioning, securing and stowage below deck and on deck.

Deck Work – reefing, shaking out reefs, sail changes to suit conditions, preparation to anchor, preparation to come alongside or secure to a mooring, anchoring, mooring and berthing in various conditions.

Navigation – the deck log, chart work and routine navigational duties on passage including visual fixes, use of GPS, use of waypoints, plotting a course to steer , knowledge of buoy age, use of echo sounder and lead line.

Pilotage – pilotage plans for harbour entry or departure, leading lines, clearing bearings, back bearings, transits and soundings as aids to pilotage.

Meteorology – sources of forecasts, interpretation of shipping forecasts and inshore waters forecasts, use of the barometer as a forecasting aid.

Rules of the Road – working knowledge of the International regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea.



Engines – daily engine checks, how to change water pump impellers. How to change a fuel filter and bleed the fuel system.

Emergencies – Man overboard recovery – distress flares, life raft launching and boarding, use of VHF in an emergency, securing a tow, rescue procedures including helicopter rescue.

Boat Handling Under Power – bringing a yacht safely to and from an alongside berth, mooring buoy or anchor is various conditions of wind and tide.

Boat Handling under Sail – bringing a yacht safely to and from a mooring buoy and anchor in various conditions of wind and tide, steering and trimming sails effectively on all points of sailing.

Passage making – planning and execution of a coastal passage in familiar waters in daylight taking account of navigational hazards, tides, and limitations imposed by the type of boat and the strength and experience of the crew.

Night Cruising – experience of sail cruising at night – including leaving and entering harbour, special considerations of lookout, pilotage plans and identification of marks at night.


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