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Bareboat Charter

What Is Bareboat Charter?

Bareboat charter is an arrangement for the chartering a yacht, whereby no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement. The people who rent the vessel from the owner are responsible for taking care of such things.


We offer bareboat charter to those people who wish to skipper their own yacht with their friends and family as crew.  At Sail in Turkey a bareboat charter does typically vary from 4 nights, 1 week, 3 weeks or more. We use our experience to identify your ideal yacht in terms of size, cabins & price.  We will give you a full briefing of your yacht & the areas that you can enjoy & explore whilst on charter.


Experience of Skipper

For bareboat yacht charter the skipper should have previous skippering experience aboard yachts of a similar size to that being chartered.  He/She should have an RYA Day or Coastal Skipper qualification or an international equivalent such as the ICC qualification. In addition, at least one other crew member should be a competent sailor, who ideally has sailed with you before. As with all our Yacht Charters, should you need any help, we are always readily available.

15396621897_d416a706b6_bBareboat hire has become increasingly popular since the mid-1990s and in particular since the early 2000s. There has been increasing demand for yacht vacations. Many experienced ‘yachties’ now consider it easier and cheaper to hire a bareboat, rather than own their own yacht. The international leisure travel industry and the boating industry have boomed in the last decade. The bareboat charter industry which incorporates both of these pursuits has also increased.


Turkish Law

Since 2013 the Turkish Authorities required that every skipper chartering a yacht must hold an approved skipper licence to charter in Turkey.  The Harbour Master will not issue a transit log without seeing a copy of the skipper licence.  Please bring your original certificates with you. If you have any concerns regarding the suitability of a particular yacht or cruising area do contact us to discuss your options.

Please note that if a skipper has to be provided aboard a yacht, due to either misrepresentation by the signatory on the booking form, or in the opinion of Sail in Turkey it is necessary to ensure the safety of the yacht and its crew, the cost of the skipper’s services will be at the client’s expense. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss suffered by you or a third party as a result of insurers failing to indemnify due to incorrect or misleading details being supplied on the booking form.

At the time of booking please ensure that you complete the Sailing Experience / Qualifications section on the booking form.  We will require a scanned copy of the skippers licence.


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about-usSail in Turkey is a UK registered Company totally owned and managed personally by ourselves, Mark Foster and Stephanie Williams. 

Your holiday experience matters to us at Sail in Turkey. We have established strong partnerships with the best charter operators in Turkey, with whom we have had a trusted relationship for many years.  

Our goal is to ensure you have an unforgettable yacht charter experience. We will assist you in finding the perfect yacht that suits your needs and desires. We maintain constant communication with the base staff to ensure all your requirements are met. On arrival at the base, you'll receive a warm welcome, and once you're on board, our experienced crew will provide a comprehensive boat briefing to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your charter. 

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