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What is an E-Visa?
It is no longer possible to purchase your visa at the airport. Every person wishing to visit Turkey will have to purchase an E-Visa prior to traveling.  Without E-Visa you will be refused entry into Turkey by the Turkish Authorities. You will be required to apply for this on-line and payment is by credit card only.

From 2020 UK Citizens are no longer required to purchase a visa.

Apply for your E-Visa
Which is the closest Airport to Marmaris?
Dalaman is the closest airport to Marmaris, 1 hour 30 minutes drive to Netsel Marina and 2 hours to Adakoy Marina. Bodrum is 2 hour drive to Netsel Marina and 2 hour 30 minutes to Adakoy Marina.  You may be able to fly direct alternatively there are daily flights from Istanbul to Dalaman, flight time approx 1 hour. 

Which is the closest Airport to the marina in Gocek?
Dalaman is the closest airport to Gocek, 30 minutes drive. You may be able to fly direct alternatively there are daily flights from Istanbul to Dalaman, flight time approx 1 hour.
What about provisioning in Marmaris?
If you have a daytime flight you should ask your driver to stop at a supermarket on the way to the marina, especially if you are starting from Adakoy Marina, where you will find a larger selection of items at cheaper prices. 

There is a well stocked supermarket in Netsel marina who will also deliver your provisions to your yacht.

What about provisioning in Gocek?
The supermarkets are just a short walk along the water front into town. There is a choice of shops: Migros, Macro and also Gourmet Food stores. You will be able to find everything you want and all will deliver to your yacht in the marina.
Is it OK to drink the water from the boat water tank?
No, we would recommend that you stock up with bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Will we be able to use our credit/debit card to get Turkish Lira at banks/exchange offices?
You will be able use credit or debit cards in auto bank machines, however the rate will then be set by your bank which may not be the best rate.  You should also be aware that if you use a credit card for cash you will be charged interest immediately. 

To get the best rate you should bring cash.  Alternatively you can use your card to withdraw cash in sterling/Euro when you get here.  Check with your bank that you are able to do this abroad and if there are any daily limits. You will be able to pay by credit/debit card at some of the restaurants, just not the ones in the small bays.

Do NOT exchange money at the airport as it is always a bad rate.

Exchange Rates

We will arrive at the base mid-morning.  Will it be possible to board our yacht earlier than 17:00?
We endeavour to prepare all yachts for the earliest possible embarkation.  If the yacht has just finished a charter we will need time to ensure she is thoroughly clean and to prepare her for your charter. 

If you wish to book Early Boarding please confirm at time of booking to avoid any disappointment.

Will be able to leave the dock on Saturday (arrival day)?
Providing you are organised there is no reason you will not be able to leave the dock on the arrival day.
What is a transit log & do we keep it after the holiday?
A transit log is your sailing permit whilst in the Turkish Waters cruising area during your charter dates.  It must be returned at the end of each charter in order for the Harbour Authorities to issue a new transit log for the following charter. 
Can we sail in the Greek Islands?
August 2022 update: we do not recommend at the current time due to cost & sailing time lost for custom formalities.

In normal circumstances: The charter offer is valid for sailing in Turkish waters.  If you wish to sail in the Greek Islands we will require prior notice in order to complete the paperwork.  

We will organise this for you in Turkey and through our agent in Greece.  Please be aware that there is an additional cost for custom clearance in both Turkey & Greece. The islands in our cruising are include Rhodes, Simi, Niseros & Tilos.

 Check Out / Check In Ports Turkey:  Marmaris, Datca, Bozburun, Gocek, Fethiye, Bodrum Check Out / Check In Ports Greece:  Rhodes, Simi

Do we need to leave a security deposit when we have booked skipper charter?
We do require a security deposit as everyone on board is responsible for the yacht.  For example, you may loose fenders, boarding plank or cause damage that is not the responsibility of the skipper. 
Are there any hidden costs that we will have to pay at the base?
No.  All costs will be confirmed with your booking confirmation. 

On arrival at the base you will be required to pay for your charter/service pack, yacht security deposit plus any extra services that you have requested:  skipper, crew, etc.. With the exception of the security deposit which can be paid by credit card (NOT debit card), all other payments will be required in cash.

You are responsible for mooring fees outside of the Marina Base, all food & beverage costs. 

Your fuel tanks will be full at the start of your charter and it is your responsibility to refuel before returning the yacht at the end of the charter. You only pay for the fuel you have used during your charter.  According to Turkish law you must visit the pump out station once during your charter which will be your responsibility.

What is a Charter Pack?
A charter/service pack consists of transit log (explained previously), cleaning of your yacht at the end of your charter. On some yachts this includes bed linen & towels – please ask when booking.  This is compulsory and payable at the base on arrival.
Is it possible to hire a skipper for 1 or 2 days?
Yes.  This is a good idea to help familiarise yourself & your crew with your yacht & really make the most of your sailing holiday.


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