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What is a Turkish Bath?

By SailInTurkey Admin On May 13th, 2016 in Explore Turkey, News & Events

We highly recommend experiencing a Turkish Bath whilst you are in Turkey.  It is great for your skin and very relaxing.  Here is a outline of what you can expect.




We would advise wearing swimwear for your comfort.  You will be given a locker in the changing rooms to store your personal items.

First is the sauna.  Here you can stay for 2 minutes or 10 minutes depending on your preference.








Next you will go to the Hamam (Steam Room), a large room with a huge marble block in the centre and small sinks around the side with running hot & cold water so you can adjust the temperature to suit you.  Here you can lie around on block which is heated, throwing water around for your pleasure.





Hamam Scrub



After 20 minutes in the Hamam staff will begin the scrub & foam massage.  You will lie on the marble block and they will start by using an exfoliating glove at this stage they claim  ‘to scrub off dead cells of your skin along with toxins, wrinkles & imperfections”





Soap Massage

Foam Massage

This is followed by a foam massage where they will produce masses of bubbles from a bar of soap and a what looks like a ‘pillow case’.

Once everyone has had their scrub & foam massage followed by a cold shower to rinse off the bubbles they will wrap you in cloths making you look like you are about to become a star in a nativity play.  Drinks will be served and some great photos produced of you and your friends – this is optional!!



Oil Massage

Oil Massage

Finally you can have a relaxing massage.

In the past this would be followed by an oil massage, however as we move with the times there are far more choices for you and here is how they describe the various massages on offer:

Anti-Stress:  It eliminates stress and leaves a relaxing feeling through a slow and rythmic massage.

Medical Massage:  An alternative remedy for body problems by relaxing muscles and balancing blood circulation.




Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage.  Hot stone massage therapy defuses tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases blood circulation and metabolism.  It is good for easing pain and muscle spasms.


Shiatsu:  An old remedy procedure originated from Far East.

Foot Reflexology:  Relaxation and relief for pain by pressure applications to certain parts of the feet.

Thai Massage:  An intense oil-free technique focusing on the body energy channels, leaving an overall relaxation by helping neural system.


Chocolate Massage


Chocolate Massage:  A technique used to energise and beautify the body. This massage should leave you with an overall feeling of well-being.

Anti-Cellulite Massage:  An intense technique that uses special gel applications with remarkably noticeable results.

They do have a range of facial treatments: Cashmire Peeling, Clay Mask, Honey Mask, Lemon Mask and Body Care Therapies including Hot Chocolate, Moss (!), Cucumber and Salt.

The benefits of each treatment will be explained to you.




If you still have time, enjoy a swim before returning to the Marina, sparkling and refreshed!

Turkish Bath Pool

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