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Peter Noel Travel Blog 2010

By SailInTurkey Admin On August 13th, 2010 in Explore Turkey, News & Events

East Meets West

Where East meets West, Turkey has a unique and fascinating history. Turkey has always been a land of contrasts with a legacy of historical sites and legendary hospitality.

Geographically Turkey covers a huge area and independent travel can be a little daunting. Our escorted tours to Central, Western, Northern and Eastern Turkey can be planned to suit your own personal requirements.  You will visit the places of interest to you.

In 2010 Peter Noel and his friends asked us to organise a week sailing followed by a week exploring Turkey.  After lots of planning Peter and his friends enjoyed the first week sailing on Jonty.  At that time they enjoyed the Turkish coastline.  The 2nd week they explored on land with their own personal guide.   They planned their itinerary to suit themselves. Peter advised us of his requirements which included places they wished to visit, style of holiday, budget and timescale.

We were able to offer an itinerary advising of things to do and see.  We took into account distances and time spent traveling, choices of accommodation and restaurants.


This is Pete’s comments about his travel inland :


A must see! Walking down a 1600 year old Roman street was unbelievable for a history buff like me. This fabulous experience was made even better by our excellent guide Our visit was timed to miss the crowds & the heat of the day.

Experiencing Ephesus, I thought there was no way to top that!   The surprise backdoor entrance to the loveliest pension in the magical town of Sirince followed by the outdoor dinner did it. Sirince was one of the surprise highlights of the trip.

Pamukkale (cotton castle)
Swimming in the HOT springs (I now know what a boiled egg feels like), a walk through the necropolis, dipping your feet in the world famous travertines – a feast for lovers of exotic scenery and history buffs alike.


Konya city of whirling dervishes visiting MEVLANA Museum, history I never knew.



Where to start! The cave hotel we stayed in was absolutely unique and the scenery from my balcony unbelievable. However sitting around the hotel outdoor lobby with Aykut, the hotel owner and some locals late at night sharing RAKI, music, songs and dancing was the experience of a lifetime. Trips to cave cities that go 20+ stories underground, 2000 year old cave churches in cave communities. From deep underground to hundreds of feet above.  We had a trip in a hot air balloon  to get a bird’s eye view of what is perhaps the most unique scenery in the world.

Ankara (Capital of Turkey)

Anatolian Civilizations Museum (the best museum in Turkey) – we saw and read Egyptian-Hittite correspondence dating back thousands of years.

We stayed in a wonderfully-preserved Ottoman-Turkish home converted to a hotel.  We had a Turkish bath and visited the governor’s house for a glimpse of 19th century Turkey. 

From the MED to the BLACK SEA
Finally our trip across Turkey complete. Wonderful food each day.   Turkish shaves and baths.  We loved the scenery, learning the history and were made very welcome by wonderful friendly people.

Most of all it’s the Turkish people that make me want to come back.

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